Stay Positive…

The title of this post is simply my daily reminder. Because…

The past few months, I’ve been feeling so defeated. Instead of climbing out of the hole I seem to be sinking deeper into it. The hole of Depression that is. It took over all aspects of my life. I was in a very dark place. In my culture, parents in particular thinks that Depression is a Taboo. I don’t think they even recognize it as a mental illness. Since it’s so hard to explain to my family, it became harder to deal with on my own. 16684163_1825465197717843_2125581928065997267_n

It’s hard to be laughing or smiling, having a good time when it seems like nothing’s going right. It may seem like the entire world is against you.

My message to you, my dear readers… Persevere.

Stay Positive.

As I write this post to share my struggles, it is not to convey that I am healed and if I can do it everyone can. No. Not at all. I actually have not defeated depression. It’s a daily struggle. It’s a hard battle to fight alone and even harder to explain with words. Instead, take this as a reminder to start creating new patterns. Be more positive, optimistic even. Have faith that things can and will get better. Today might be hard but tomorrow I will get myself up off the couch and make it to the bedroom. Start with a new hobby. Like myself, I just became a workaholic instead. Every time I feel like I’m spiraling back to being in that state of mind, I sign up for double shifts at the nursing home or call my second job and tell them I’m available. I tire myself on purpose so that I don’t ball up in a corner and create a pity party in my head.

Most important of all, stay positive. There is light at the end of the tunnel. The light gets brighter as you get closer (As You Bring More Positive Thoughts and Actions).


Share your story in the comment section. We can support each other 🙂


1 thought on “Stay Positive…”

  1. Hi sis, it’s Wendie.

    I can relate in the sense of death. When I lost my two sisters, I was in a very dark place, a place I’ve never seen. As you said keeping yourself busy, involving yourself in the community, PRAYING can and will help. I had someone that was a great help to help me step on that bridge to walk towards that light. For those that do not have that ” someone” find that someone in Christ. Besos to you and all ❤️


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