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Geriatric Nurse

Prior to becoming a Nurse, I wanted to be a Pharmacist. I did not have a guide or even an older sibling to warn me about the experiences ahead. I just figured things will just fall in place by the Grace of God. Oh did they!?! I began to struggle financially which put me in a position to get a job as a CNA. Though I really did not have a desire to work as a CNA , I went to a Technical High school, it was one of the many skills I acquired.

My first job was with an Agency. . .

I would drive to a clients home and did things from cooking small meals, go for a walk, take them grocery shopping, etc. I learned what it means to be humble. The money was not big but it was more then I had before. I still struggled because the hours were not always guaranteed.

I applied for a job at a Nursing Home. . .

I had enough experience with clients by then to feel comfortable doing patient care. I mastered the art of selflessness. I begin to put people’s needs first before mines. I was no longer the same selfish person. I started enjoying what I was doing. When a patient says thank you, it made me want to do more. Of course there have been countless number of patients that were rude and said mean things, but they were also Alzheimer and Dementia patients. I learned to let things go quicker. (Look out for the post when I tell you how a patient bit me on my breast.) Coming Soon….

I found Private Duty jobs. . .

The real adventures begun when I met private cases. I learned so much life lessons from them. From the guy that told me that selling my paid-off Mitsubishi Galant to finance an old Jeep Liberty was the stupidest thing I could have ever done (He was right), to the Super rich guy dying but called the flower shop everyday to deliver roses to his wife. (Super Romantic). I have been blessed by so many precious memories that I could not see myself doing anything else after that.

I went to school and became a Nurse. . .

Best decision of my life! I get to deliver so much more to my patients and make a greater impact. I get to help family members navigate through their parent’s care. I am there for them and with them and I would not want to be anywhere else.

I chose to continue my education. . .

To help the Geriatric population not only because they have had such a great impact in my life because they deserve the best care after giving off so many years to this world. We are a product of their hard work. We are here because they worked hard and gave us something to live for. They hold the key to a lot of success stories, romantic adventures, funny moments, mistakes to learn from, and wisdom. Why not encourage them to let you in on their secrets. Be a blessing to them.

That’s Why I Chose To Be A Nurse.



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