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Communicating With An Elderly Parent

With all due respect…

Although not necessary to include in the beginning of each sentence, it is important to keep in mind. Anyone older then you deserve respect, honesty, truth, and fairness. When communicating with your parent whether some senses have become impaired, a barrier has been identified such as increase confusion, or they are living long distance. Keep an open door policy just as they did with you when you were growing up. Now that you are responsible for many aspects of their lives they still want to be heard and psychological needs still needing to be met.

Be patient… Don’t rush them. A lot of elders become hearing impaired or have specific speech impairments that affects the way they communicate. Its not by their choice.

Be attentive… Don’t dismiss what they are saying. Even if you think they might be bending the true, still listen. It makes them feel like someone actually care about them. If you can sympathize show empathy.

Be respectful… Honor their wishes to the best of your abilities. It will bring fourth satisfaction later.

Be fair… You may not have all hours of a day to spend with your elderly mother or father but one phone call would add such a warm smile on his/her face. Take a few minutes to take a walk with him/her outside. A lot of disabled adults spend hours inside their home or facility sometimes they yearn for a chance to see and feel some sunlight. I once had a patient who said to me “these walls just do something you my brain”. It broke my heart.

Think about the changes you could began to see if you just change one those those things listed above.

Make a difference. Make a small change today. It will have bigger rewards later.


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