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Be Mindful Of Your Past

I’ve heard it is said often that it’s not about where you come from but where you are going. That is true. Must we not forget that our pass influences our future. In order to create a positive future we must deal with the pass in the present.

Be mindful of your pass.

Don’t forget where you come from. Instead, seek to understand of the things that happened in your pass and learn ways to forgive and move on from the painful memories or unpleasantries.

The difference between a survivor and a victim is how the situations are handled. (If you disagree, share your thoughts in the comment box).

A Survivor is a person who copes well with difficulties in their life.

A Victim is a person who has come to feel hopeless and passive in the face of misfortune or ill treatment.

To decide how you will be in the future, you must be mindful of the things in your pass that would determine your behavior as a Survivor or Victim.

If you can look at your future and accept the things of your pass, you are ready to make important decisions in life to secure happiness, joy, comfort, and balance. You’re on your way to a healthier lifestyle.


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