Welcome to my world!

Many knows me as Vanessa. I am 25 years old. A dual citizen of Haitian descent. I know you want to know more about me and that’s why you have come to this page. Well, I am not simply your average girl next door. I am a Believer, Nurse, Writer, Explorer, and College Student. I involve my God into everything I do and I feel that he led me to share my world with you through my blog posts, researches, interviews and trips and tips. (Please be patient as I work hard to upload more contents for you to see).

On my spare time, of course when I am not working as a Nurse, I love to write fiction. Many people ask me how long are my stories, well, lets just say over 100 pages. Many of them are stories I have started years ago and I keep going back to add more. One day soon you will get to see some of my works. Also I like to travel. I don’t consider myself adventurous but I love seeing new places and adding stamps on my passport. When I am not doing neither one of those things, I like to visit my family, go hiking, go to the beach on summer days, and definitely shopping.

This is my world, where you will find Health tips, Beauty tips, Weekly Blog updates, and Shop selected styles. You have the opportunity to also leave comments and feedback about your experience here. Email me about any other engagements at MzNessasworld@gmail.com . Follow me on Social Media for daily interactions. Subscribe to my Youtube Channel and don’t forget to Share your experience with a friend.